At Stagecoach we believe in utilizing the best technology to continually improve our operations, enhance our customer service experience and improve the safety of our operations.

For our truckload customers, all of our Over the Road (OTR) trucks are equipped with Qualcomm satellite tracking with hourly updates of truck positions and two-way messaging capabilities - even in remote areas with no cell phone coverage. This allows for real time updates and, combined with our ETA module, continually monitors drivers positions against delivery appointments and automatically highlights any potential issues for resolution by dispatch and management. In addition, all trailers are equipped with Spireon trailer tracking for us to monitor the progress of these assets anywhere in North America and give us continued visibility to our trailers, even when we interchange them with our Mexico based carrier partners for transport into and out of the interior of Mexico. This “eye in the sky” satellite monitoring of both our trucks and trailers is designed to give our customers complete visibility to their shipments, day and night.

Stagecoach also has enhanced web access for both our truckload and warehouse customers. On the truckload side, customers can request a login and password and can access their shipments from our web site. From our customer portal, customers can track current “in-progress” shipments and view actual positions that are updated every hour based on our satellite tracking. Utilizing the latest technology allows Stagecoach to image all documents associated with shipments. Customers can utilize their online login to search for delivered loads based on Bill of Lading (BOL), PO or other item from our web site to view and print all associated documents - such as Proof of Delivery (POD), BOLs, load confirmation and other related documents.

Stagecoach also can provide on-line visibility to inventory for all of our warehouse customers. Using the LogiView portal, our customers can view inbound, outbound and current inventory levels through their Internet browser providing accurate information for monitoring orders, reconciling inventories and forecasting. Such precise tracking enables our customers to closely monitor inventory levels from SKU to batch code to serial number, and track shipments through to delivery. Full data messaging capabilities including EDI, XML, and other data and communication formats facilitate trading partner interaction for the exchange of orders, advance ship notifications and inventory synchronizations. LogiView quickly produces reports both physical and electronic, facilitating instant analysis of current supply chain status including recent trends, on-time and short situations.

On the safety side, Stagecoach is one of the most progressive fleets in operation today. All of our new OTR equipment is spec’d with front disc brakes, collision avoidance radar systems (Bendix Wingman), Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDW), as well as Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and tire pressure monitoring systems.  For our local units, we utilize DriveCam by LYTX to coach our drivers and make ou operations as safe as possible.