Blind Spots and Hours of Operation

Stagecoach believes in prioritizing safety. We appreciate your role in promoting a proper driving experience for yourself, your truck, and the numerous fellow drivers sharing the road. Here are some suggestions: First, everything starts with you. We want you to be rested, alert, and focused for every trip. Please understand the importance of HOS (Hours of Service) and follow all guidelines for proper sleep time, resting, and resets.

Another thing to be aware of is blind spots. I know what you’re thinking: ‘How can another driver not see me about to change lanes?’ Expect the possibility of other drivers being distracted while on the road. For example, you turn on your left turn signal, and the car in your rearview mirror not only ignores your signal but actually speeds up to prevent you from entering the left lane.

Be patient. At some point, a polite driver will follow the law and let you change lanes. Always be aware of your blind spots and assume that there will always be a smaller vehicle there. Lean forward, look at the hood—it’s not only a great way to stretch, but it can help in preventing changing lanes into another vehicle. Give yourself ample following distance and practice proper driving, and as always, stay sharp. Drive smarts.