Proper Driving Practices

In a world where transportation plays an integral role in our daily lives, we would like to offer some advice on practicing proper and defensive driving. In this video, we’ll cover the basics, including defensive driving, avoiding distractions while driving, and tips for sharing the road with smaller vehicles and motorcycles. As a driver, we suggest that you stay alert and focused.

Distracted driving is any activity that diverts attention from driving—anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving. So, as a driver, we recommend that you refrain from any form of distracted driving. If you find yourself in need of using the phone while on the road, please remember to adhere to the FMCSA guidelines and park in a safe area. Another aspect of proper driving is being aware and mindful of smaller vehicles and motorcycles on the road. Some tips on sharing the road with motorcycles and smaller vehicles are: use turn signals and flashers to indicate your intention, be extra cautious when passing, and watch for turning vehicles, as well as keeping a watchful eye on your mirrors to check for blind spots.

Before changing lanes or turning, remember to take a second look at left turns and try to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times. Make safety your priority. Stay alert, stay sharp. Drive smarts.